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Porcelain Metal Plate

ingredients are similar to that of ceramic glazes,namely metal cneoxides,nitride,boride and so on.Films are formed by high temperature sintering.chemical position,plasma spray coating and other techniques,therefore the physical and chemical properties of the priduct ae similar to ceramic glaes,hence having the name of ceramic Daints.

After the introduction of the porcelain metal plate, it is widely used in public places such as subways and stations. Due to its special performance, it has quickly become a representative of new decorative materials..

Corrosion Protection:Over 2000 hours of salt-fog test

FireproofinaL:Can bear high temperatures

Acid And Alkal Resistance:Can bear the tching of chemical druqs

Graceful:multiple colors and color mixtures are optional.

Weathering Resistance:Not liable to ultraviolet rays;unfading for thirty years in normal use

Eco-friendly:Not contains human body harmful components;materials are mineral substances

Abrasion Resisance:High hardness;no scratch generates during use or cleaning

Easy Cleaning: No pore exists on the surface; can restrain bacteria qrowth ,easy for cleaning