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The curtain wall aluminum veneer is made of high quality aluminum plate. The aluminum curtain wall surface layer can be sprayed with.fuorocarbon and polyester powder. China aluminum veneer is not affected by ultraviolet light, temperature, temperature and atmospheric erosion. Aluminum veneer has good bending strength and excellent wind pressure resistance. Used for development.The curtain wall aluminum veneer is light in weight, strong in height, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling.fireproof, anti-corrosion, good processing performance, low maintenance cost and long service life. Aluminum panels can be processed into various shapes, can be sprayed into a.variety of colors, form a beautiful pattern on the wall and.ceiling, and can be combined with a glass curtain wall into a different appearance to make the building more.stylish and elegant.

Aluminum curtain wall veneer of material and structure

One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
Hensim aluminum veneer curtain walls adopt high-quality and high strength aluminum plate. aluminum curtain wall common height is 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and aluminum plate model is 1100, 3003. and its state is H24 Besides its general material's maximum dimension is 1300mmx4000mm, and its structure is composed of front-panel, reinforced rib, and angle. Front-pages is directly flexed, and then stamped to form an angle bracket; it also can be formed by riveting angle bracket on the panel's flanging. Reinforced rib is jointed with electric welding bolt behind plate in order to form a firm structure. So, it strengthens aluminum curtain wall's strength and rigidity, and ensures its fiatness and ability to resist wind and shock during its long-term use. If need additional sound insulation and heat preservation effects, the special materials can be fixed inside the aluminum sheet.
Structural safety
Good fire resistance
Quick and installation
Flexible and universal
Quality advantage

Surface treatment of aluminum veneer curtain wall

One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
Hensim Panel curtain wall is usually aioulidene fluoride resin (KYNAR500hromites, after that, aluminum curtain wall is treated withfluorine-carbon spray coating.of the fluorine carbon coating finish paint and the varnish is normally divided nit 2nd coating. 3rd coating or 4rh coating. Fluorine carbon coating has outstanding characteristics of corrosion resistance andi weathering resistance, resisting acid rain, salt fog and various air contaminants. Besides, is has good performance of thermal Dan cold endurance, and it can resist strong ultraviolet, can keep unfading and chalking for a ling time, and has ling service life. Our factory chooses the high-quality fluorine carbon coating material manufactured by well-known PPG, DNT, AKZO, and NIPPON, etc. we choose nice and various colors. Customers can directly choose in accordance with the color plate manufacturers offered or provide the color sample.


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