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One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
Advanced production technology, exquisite manufacturing technology, each product is a skillful exquisite, the classic of a thousand's not simple, it's not simple and superficial,it's quality and beauty side by side, giving you unique enjoyment of life.
Our life has increasingly become more exquisite and tasteful. The simplicity goes hand in hand with human consciousness. People strive for the combination of line and surface which is smooth and lively in the process of creation, selection. Furniture has all the time influenced us silently, at the same time creates a comfortable and cozy household life for us

Advantages of Aluminum Profiles

One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
It through continuous rolling or cold bending , special keel card buckles type installation structure, simple and convenient, suitable for interior decorationThis products is open transparent, sound-absorbing and decoration functions, and with modern fashion, leading effect, Through changes height , direction and lighting and color , put ceiling more transparent and moving.
This system is open vision, its has circular soft edges crisp lines, after the installation of the entire space harmonious and there is no lack of smooth three-dimensional sense of line, modern effect very good;Simple structure: by special aluminum through extrusion molding, product hardness, installation structure for the utilization of slot of the upper 50#c mainly keel, connected by screws and of the component and the profiles of tact, wind resistance, applicable for outdoor decoration, (keel spacing can be adjusted)Easy maintenance: each ripeness are independent, optional installation and dismantling, no neec special tools, convenient maintenance.
Applied in the corridor, bars, shopping malls, office buildings, library, club, square, exhibition, subway station, airport ,subway station , high MTR station , railway stations , airports, large shoppinq malls, channel, metope adornment, building external wall and other places.
Structural safety
Good fire resistance
Quick and installation
Flexible and universal
Quality advantage

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One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
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