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Abnormal Shape Ceiling

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Abnormal Shape Ceiling

Abnormal shape ceiling products is not a standard mold, the product does not have a standard form after forming geometry, usually shears, bending machines, bending machines and other equipment to panel arc processed into curved plates, knuckle plates, trapezoidal plates and other forms of shaped products.Non-standard ceiling panel ceiling system exceeded the standard form of the conventionaloncept, desian unique and innovative, imaginative style, can meet the special purpose of building site desian needs. Whether used where the product simple and the atmosphere block surface, changing the shape of a rich, brilliant colors and texture are brouaht Shuoshuo brilliance of every designer and owner to achieve the desired sense of pride and a unique style of architecture characteristics. Shaped board ceiling system is based on customer needs and special custom shaped products, used in the design and functionality of some of the special needs of the constructiont sector.