Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

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Aluminum honeycomb panel is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative materials, light weight, high strength, good weather resistance, processing.flexible, and easy to install, Aluminum honeycomb panels, high strength, has excellent high-load,flexural resistance to bending and wind pressure resistance, honeycomb sandwich" structure, that is, the surface coating weatherability excellent decorative coating of high-strength aluminum alloy as a surface, bottom and aluminum honeycomb core is divided into a numberclosed pores, heat and sound waves broadcast by extremely limited compared to other wall materials, aluminum honeycomb panels have better insulation, sound insulation, aluminum honeycomb panel is a thin aluminum and aluminum honevcomb core composite, allis light weight aluminum veneer or other metal curtain wall materials. Another characteristic of the aluminum honeycomb panels, molding is easy, and can be requested in accordance with the architectural design of various shapes, making construction more beautifully decorated. Its surface spray painted the same fuorocarbon coating finish is good, strong adhesion of the climate, acid and alkalil resistant powder, anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and does not change color. In addition, the processing of aluminum honeycomb panels simple, ordinary processing equipment can complete a variety of processes, prefabricated indoor and outdoor can be performed simultaneously, easy to install, greatly shorten the construction cycle.

Advantages of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
* It conforms to the definition of green building materials, known as the "Twenty-first Century best aluminum claddina building materials" 
*Qutstandina performance in noise insulation, heat insulation, fireproof, earthquake proof.
*Stable structure, good wind resistance.
*Excellent surface flatness.
* It is easy and convenient for installation and maintenance, reduced construction cost and maintenance cost 
* Honeycomb cladding with specially colors and shapes can be customized.
Aluminum Honeycomb plankinq used 3003 Aluminum Alloy with high strength to be surface board; the high density Aluminum Honeytomb to be pith materials. The routine thickness of surface board is 0.8mm, 1.0mm, The thickness of the whole board is 10mm, 15mm, 25mm.Othe specification, struction & size can be made accordingly to meet the variety needs of using.

Raw Materials

Aluminum panel:fluorocarbon coil coating panel,which mainly selects high quality 3003H24 alloy aluminum panel or 5052AH14 high meng anese alloy aluminum panel as the basic material,with a thickness of 0.7~1.5mm.
Aluminum bottom panel:thickness 0.5-1.0mm.
Aluminum honeycomb:the core material adopts model 3003H18 hexagon aluminum foil being 0.04-0.07mm thickness with side length of 5-6mm.
Adhesives:Using a two-component polyurethane film and a two-component polymer modified polyurethane.
Structural safety
Good fire resistance
Quick and installation
Flexible and universal
Quality advantage

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Type

One of the most powerful manufacturers in China
aluminum honeycomb panel

aluminium honeycomb structure
expanded aluminum honeycomb

honeycomb aluminum panel

carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb

honeycomb structural panels

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