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Hensim Aluminum Co., LTD. is a large-scale building materials decoration environmental protection material enterprise integrating design, production, sales and installation. It is one of the earliest companies in Asia to produce and sell aluminum decorative materials.At present, the company's main products are honeycomb panels, corugated panels, square ceilings, strip cellings, grille ceilings, modeling ceilings, curtain walls and many other series of products.On the basis of strong traditional strength, Hensim constantty introduces the equipment, production technology, technology and modem management concepts of the word's most advanced automatic production lines, and establishes a high-quality management team to fully implement the scientific quality supervision and management system. In order to ensure that Hensim's products have excellent quality and stand proudIn the fieroe market environment, Hensim is aggressive and eager to meet the challenges of the market. It is constantly changing and pursuing new ideas. While continuously improving product quality, it is constantly innovating and improving in terms of product styling and color.Adopt advanced architectural art deco concepts and advocate the quality requirements of modern life.


Giving space such as magical spirituality, precipitating the expression of a personal expression, using design strength to reproduce the myth of perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, to achieve zero distance in international culture. It's refreshing to showcase the unique and personalized space design concept. Design is the magic of spacel


Implementing 1so9001:2008 international quality management system, products strictty following industry standards, to ensure that every product put into the market meets the quality standards.We have been proud of the superior quality of company.products, we guarantee that all products are excellent and quite durable under normal usage condition, during the warranty period, if the product has any damage, we will take the necessary remedial measures to protect the consumers" rights and interests.


Enterprise Advantages

Committed to innovation and technical excellence

Over the years, the company's technological innovation has been driving the development of China's metal curtain wall / ceiling system industry.On the basis of its own strong technical innovation strength, the company and China Building Decoration Association and other domestic and international excellent building curtain wall scientific research institutions exchange and cooperation to track international leading technology, is the company's leading manufacturing technology and solid guarantee. The company firmly established its technological leadership in the metal curtain wall/ceiling system industry in China. Leading the company to climb one technology after another with itsinnovative technoloay

Efficient professional management team

Efficient and efficient operation system is inseparable from professional and efficient management. In an increasingly competitive market environment, the competition of enterprises can ultimately be attributed to the competition of talents. The advantage of talents has become the magic weapon for enterprises to win. Through well-designed management institutions, the company carries forward the decision-making mechanism of collective intelligence, and proposes to participate in competition through the evaluation of comprehensive strength, to create an excellent management team, so that the company management s efficient, professional and flexible.

First class base Precision equipmen

The company has the world's most advanced flexible automatic sheet metal production line, clear and standardized management operations, and provides a tangible product guarantee for the company's business system. With firstclass products and rich application experience, we will build a strategio eployment based on the Central China region and radiate the national market.Powerful support for the company's prosperous and ever-changing career.

Meticulous architectural glory

As a professional curtain wall / aluminum veneer system service provider, the company has consistently adhered to the "focus on innovation and architecturall glory" as the core concept. Integrate domestic and foreign metal curtain wallvaluminum veneer R&D, manufacturing and application process technology.Continuously innovating products, technologies and services that form the company's unique value system, making thousands of buildings shine and contributing to supporting China's urbanization


We Aim To Be Your Best Supplier
We have been committed to a one-stop solution for Architectural aluminum. Service range from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation guidance, after-sales service, etc. 
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