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Honeycomb Stone Panels

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Honeycomb Stone Panels

Fire-proof cladding solutions: non-combustible

Anti-corrosion: lasting resistance against rust and corrosion

Rigid & robust: provides 60 times stronger resistant upon impact

Highly efficient: insulating & soundproofing properties for peace & comfort

Lightweight: overall weight is reduced by 2/3rds compared to dimensional stone

Sound & heat insulation: insulating & soundproofing properties for energy efficiency & comfort

Easy installation: patented quick-installation systems enable three times faster in installation and passed Hurricane Wind Loading Test

Practical & affordable: One-piece stone cladding sheets with maximum dimensions of 1500 x 3000mm, significantly reducing labor costs

Weather resistance: engineered  to handle extreme temperatures & resistance against the elements

Environmentally friendly

Water-resistant: waterproofing makes our stone cladding panels an ideal material for both interior, exterior and veneer applications

Honeycomb Aluminum Panels are widely used in our daily life, not only in architecture area but also in transportation and other areas.

For architecture: facade cladding and roofing, soffit, column cover, ceilings of the building. Mobile platforms for scenes or audiences.

For ship

For solar energy.

For floating cover for the oil tank.

For platen, fixture, and infill panel.

For furniture, work table, and countertop.

For bus stop shelter, sunshade, and awning platform.

For machine enclosure,  machining surface, and container cladding.

For wall cladding and roofing in the rail vehicle, for superstructures for lorry, for cabins, for doors and flap systems.

For ceilings, walls, column coverings, floors, doors, platforms, all kinds of furniture and outdoor balcony partitioning of cruise ships, fast ferries, luxury marine, yachts and other special vessels.

For interior construction, for cleanrooms, partitions, lightweight containers, cabins for the machine tool, wind tunnels, lifting platforms, lifts.



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