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Honeycomb Aluminum Panels

Durable & Lightweight

Years’ of industry expertise has allowed us to create lightweight honeycomb panels with robust qualities to match.  All of our panels are ASTM/PSB tested and carry accreditations including the Warnock Hersey mark and NOA certificate as a testament to their high level of performance.

Hensim Honeycomb Aluminum Panels are proven to be suitable for installation even under extreme weather conditions. The ASTM/PSB tests include meticulous testing of various physical properties to ensure durability and safety compliance when exposed to multiple scenarios. This is done to ensure that all of our honeycomb core panels are:

  • Fire-retardant to ensure safe, non-flammable honeycomb cladding solutions

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and heavy rain

  • Age resistant; panels are long-lasting and provide protection against erosion 

This is further supported by the use of our custom-made, extra-strong adhesive which is the result of Hensim’s partnership with one of the world’s most-renowned adhesive suppliers. 

This bespoke adhesive has been specifically produced for the lamination of honeycomb sandwich panels and allows for better performance in elasticity,  weather resistance and increased bonding strength.

Honeycomb Aluminum Panels are widely used in our daily life, not only in architecture area but also in transportation and other areas.

For architecture: facade cladding and roofing, soffit, column cover, ceilings of the building. Mobile platforms for scenes or audiences.

For ship

For solar energy.

For floating cover for the oil tank.

For platen, fixture, and infill panel.

For furniture, work table, and countertop.

For bus stop shelter, sunshade, and awning platform.

For machine enclosure,  machining surface, and container cladding.

For wall cladding and roofing in the rail vehicle, for superstructures for lorry, for cabins, for doors and flap systems.

For ceilings, walls, column coverings, floors, doors, platforms, all kinds of furniture and outdoor balcony partitioning of cruise ships, fast ferries, luxury marine, yachts and other special vessels.

For interior construction, for cleanrooms, partitions, lightweight containers, cabins for the machine tool, wind tunnels, lifting platforms, lifts.